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Welcome to ML Renovations Ltd

The Oak Building Company

M L Renovations have been designing and building exceptionally beautiful oak buildings for over 15 years. Alongside this, renovating properties and restoring them back to their former beauty, is another passion within the company.

Using skills that have been developed over the years to push the boundaries of traditional design, and using the resources and skills of the past, has helped to create the business we are today. We constantly strive to develop an exceptional customer service, and run our business with integrity & honesty. Design and quality is not a luxury, it is something that every client deserves, and we strive to deliver that service on every project we undertake.

Committed to excellence

Our team is committed to excellence. We drive our business forward with determination and willpower to do the best we can for our clients, and at the same time, understand how important it is to be cost-conscious. It is also important to us to support sustainable and local suppliers, and build strong relations with other resourceful companies here in Norfolk and the UK.

In all we hope we offer our clients an enthusiastic, committed approach to their building projects. We aim to give them a genuine, personal service, that ensures the success of their project and allows our company to continuously move forward, innovating new ideas and services.